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Junior Rebel Athletics Basketball -  JRA Keys to Success: Hard Work, Self Confidence and Patience.

********Meet the JRA Coaching Staff ********

John Reese
John is the founder, of Junior Rebels Athletics (JRA) which is currently entering its' 6th year in the community. 
John has been coaching youth sports for over 11 years. He has spent time as a youth fitness trainer, athletic development specialist, basketball, baseball and tackle football coach. John spent 5 years as president, coach and a couple years as a member of the Rex Putman Youth Basketball Program. In addition, John spent 6 years as a head and assistant coach for Putnam Youth Football. John is currently a sports program coordinator for the North Clackamas Parks and Recreational Department developing adult and youth sports programs. 
As a youth, John played a little soccer and tackle football. John tended to be more of an 
action junkie spending his time summers skateboarding and riding BMX and in the winter it was on to snowboarding. John always wanted to see just how high he could fly in the air!  John's goals as a youth coach to instill a sense of purpose and build the confidence with as many young individuals as possible.  He young people grow and learn as individuals and as team players. John hopes that young people will realize they can do anything and be who they want to be. 
John's  mission in life is to "provide as many opportunities as possible for kids and young adults. I believe that everyone can achieve great success in life by learning how to play games that we all know and love".

Brooklyn Myers
Brooklyn has been coaching for over 13 years. She has coached various sports from youth to adult. Her genre of sports include; volleyball, basketball, track and swimming both as an assistant and head coach.  Brooklyn has been part of various organizations Special Olympics, North Clackamas Parks and Recs, Clackamas Rec Basketball and JRA. In addition to her coaching ability, Brooklyn played basketball as a youth through high school. Brooklyn's personal goal is to see that every athlete grow, develop and become both a stronger individual and team player.  
Brooklyn's mission statement is; "The best offense is a good defense. There is no I in team. Work hard, respect one another and coaches and give 100% when you are on the court and in life."

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