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Junior Rebel Athletics Basketball -  JRA Keys to Success: Hard Work, Self Confidence and Patience.
Player Training

 Personal Training is for the individual that wants to maximize their training opportunities and they want to set up an individual plan tailored to their specific needs. We offer individual or small group training of four kids or less. This way we can focus more on each individual meeting their goals.
 This is our most advance training available and will be intended for the most serious athletes. No matter their current skill level this will be the best way for them to achieve their goals in the sport of basketball. This type of training will help develop fundamentals faster as each individual will get more out of each session. This also will be more intense training and will include more advance athletic development.

Team Training & Conditioning (min of 5 and a max of 10 players)is intended to elevate the conditioning and skills of each individual on a team. This type of training is something every coach wishes they had more time to do but in most team practices a coach must focus on offensive and defensive plays during their practice leaving little time for skill development and conditioning. This type of training is intended to increase teams overall strength, speed and stamina and increase their overall skills.
 For Individual or Team Training we can focus more on athletic development to increase a players speed, agility, quickness (SAQ). This is beneficial to athletes of any field or court sport and will also help with injury prevention. Competitive sports are dynamic and kids need to have the strength it takes to change direction on a dime or out run the competition with lightning fast acceleration. This is why we incorporate SAQ training in our Academy, Team and Individual training.   

Please contact Coach Reese johnr@jrabasketball.com
for scheduling training sessions
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